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LOD        15.5m (50 feet)
LOA        19 m (63 feet)
LWL        14m (45 feet)
Beam        3.8m (12 feet)
Draft        1.5m (5 feet)
Weight      20 tons
Helenita was built on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsular in 1951, as a Sardine fishing boat. She was cleverly
converted to a Gentleman's yacht in the 1980's by Fletcher's of Bosham. She is constructed of pitch pine planks on sawn
oak frames, with eucalyptus stringers. She has a nearly plum stem with an elegant flare and a graceful counter stern. Her
sweeping cabin top follows the eye catching sheer of the deck.

Helenita was extensively rebuilt and reinforced by the current owners in the early 1990's. Work done includes: Replaced
about 500 feet of planking. Complete new rudder and fittings. Steering assembly re-constructed. The entire deck and many
of the beams were replaced. The whole bulwark assembly has been completely rebuilt and strengthened. It incorporates
Panama fairleads at the bows and stern. A useful feature on the foredeck is the anchor davit which eases anchor handling.
There are 3 anchors of various type. There are two hawse holes in the bow for anchoring, and a more than adequate
Loffrans Falcon windless with remote operation.

The side decks are wide enough to easily walk around the boat, and the high bulwarks offer good protection and seating
everywhere. The wheel steering position is aft just behind the mizzen mast, and there is access to the aft cabin through a
hatch way. The boat can also be entered by the main doors in the cabin on the port side, and also through the forward
hatch which doubles as a very comfortable deck chair/lounger. At the stern there is a very comfortable hammock/lounger
with shaded seating for 4.

Gaff Ketch, cutter rigged. Varnished Larch masts in solid oak tabernackles for easy lowering.
Mast head wires housed into the mast. All nav lights to spec, also a deck light on the mizzen mast.
Standing rigging of 8 and 10mm galvanised 7x7 wire, parcelled and served in the traditional way with dead-eyes and
Ratlines on both masts makes it simple to get aloft.
Running rigging with wooden blocks and classic look synthetic rope.
Classic cream sails: Jib, staysail, main and mizzen. Made by Rockall Sails in Bosham using Duradon fabric, a very strong
and durable yet soft material. All sails in excellent condition. The staysail can be rigged for self tacking.

Helenita is full of surprises and hidden delights. Her woodworking owner has ensured that no space has been left
unconsidered. Solid wood has been used throughout, and this traditional approach means that Helenita is unique. From her
deeply sculpted sink and drainer in the galley, to her magnificent gallows aft made from solid oak with grain that follows
the shape.

Helinita is driven along by a Mercedes 260 hp, 6 cylinder diesel engine, which gives her an easy cruising speed of 7
knots. There are two diesel tanks with a total capacity of 700 litres giving a range of about 500 miles. A 3 blade bronze
propellor is perfectly matched to the engine.

As a cruising boat she excels with two huge water tanks of 750 litres each. She is equipped with a stainless 4 burner hob,
grill and oven. There are two showers and three sinks aboard.

She sails beautifully off the wind, and has reached speeds of over 9 knots under sail. Her gaff cutter ketch rig looks the
part and makes for easier sail handling as the sail area is divided up into a smaller, more manageable size.

As a charter boat she would offer a rare chance for passengers to experience an authentic taste of tradition. With her solid
wood sculptures and old world charm, she's guaranteed to ensure a magic day out for all.

If you are thinking of living aboard then what could be better? She's comfy and spacious with good storage
everywhere.  There's a special feeling that comes from spending your time aboard a wooden boat that can't be found in any
other way.
Helenita has a nearly new inflatable dinghy; a 3.2 metre Zodiac with a nearly new Yamaha 4 hp Four Stroke outboard.
The dinghy and engine are easily hoisted aboard using the wooden davits on the aft deck.
The Forecastle; Two full length berths, one raised above a set of Oak fronted drawers, the other at seating height.
Access to the Anchor chain locker.
Two six inch dia. bull's eye bronze deck lights which light the space. Otherwise the forecastle is lit by a movable bronze
and elm lamp.

Two 100amp/hr deep discharge marine batteries power the Loffrans Falcon Anchor Windless. There is 100 metres of
10mm calibrated galvanised anchor chain.

Three anchors: One Galvanised Danforth (50lb), One Galvanised Bruce anchor (30kg), One galvanised storm anchor,
Fisherman's style (stowable) (120lbs)

A huge collection of ropes including: One 75 metre length of 25mm white nylon anchor plait. One length of white 3
strand Terylene mooring rope 100 metres long. One 100 metre long tow rope in as new condition.

Entrance to the forecastle is through an arch comprised of oak and walnut timbers, with bulkheads of solid oak from
very wide-rayed boards.
The space below the forward hatch is equipped with a number of oak fronted drawers, and a retractable work surface
with copious stowage below. Opposite is a shower and toilet cubicle with standing headroom and opening brass porthole.
Toilet is a Jabsco hand pumped and can be diverted to a 100 litre polypropylene holding tank. Hand basin fitted into a
sculpted naturally curved oak timber. The fwd bulkhead has been designed so that a waterproof door could be fitted to
create a helpful safety feature. Two evacuation pumps are already fitted in this section.
The Forward cabin has two full sized double bunks with stowage below, that are curved to allow easy passage around
the main mast's tabernackle, the prominent structural feature in this cabin. Each bunk has a light and an opening 7" brass
porthole. Access to the main saloon is made by climbing three solid elm steps, constructed around a cast iron radiator.
The main saloon is lit by 19 windows and 5 lamps. Starting forward, there are two deeply fiddled stowage areas with
deep and long, pitch pine fronted drawers. There is a huge hanging knee made from 3 inch thick grown oak helping to
support the main mast, and has sculpted hand holds for descending into the forward cabin. Helenita has 4 speakers built
in to the main saloon which provide an excellent quality of sound. The main saloon has strong oak handrails under the
saloon deck.

The oak table in the centre of the saloon is a masterpiece. An integral part of the boat, it provides plenty of knee and
elbow room for up to 10 guests and also covers and allows excellent access to the motor. As with most parts of the boat
the table can be easily dismantled. On either side of the table are benches that drop away for better access to the engine.
These benches are more than adequate for sleeping on. Either side of the motor are large steel water tanks with
inspection panels and baffles (750 litres each).

Galley area/ entryway. Under the floors there is: A battery compartment comprising 4 x 120 amp/hr deep discharge
marine batteries with diode protection, battery switch and battery charger (24v 20 amps). There is a wine cellar, larder
and cunning drawers for galley equipment and stores. All floors can be easily lifted for access.

The galley has standing headroom with a large sink, stove and excellent working surfaces, thanks to the perfect height
of the table. The sink surround/draining board is made from a slab of 4 inch thick sculpted Sycamore which drains into
the large, deep, rectangular ceramic sink. Water is supplied with two brass taps. Next to the sink is the Smev stainless
steel, 4 burner hob, grill and oven. The oven is placed centrally so that cooking in a sea way is no problem. Under the
sink unit is a custom made solid beech cutting board and a deep wooden bread drawer. There are further shelves and
cupboards, and even a dedicated rubbish bin/drawer.

Opposite the galley on the port side is the electric box which controls all aspects of the boats electrical supplies. The
electrics are 24 volts and are controlled by 18 switches with fuses and LED's. There is also a volt meter. The electrics
were designed to be capable, yet simple and reliable. Tinned copper wiring was used throughout the installation and
conduit has been fitted to protect the cables. Many more switches and wires were installed than were needed, allowing
an ever expanding system with very little effort.

The Captain's cabin has two entrances; one between the oven and the electrics, and the other aft on starboard. Four
solid oak shaped steps take you down to the snug and secluded owner's cabin. To starboard is a full sized double bunk
with shelves all around for clothes and books etc. At the head of the bunk is the nav station with large chart table, Sailor
VHF radio, NASA depth sounder and ICS weather Navtex.  There is chart stowage under the aft deck. Access to the
deck is through solid elm deck hatches with opening 8" brass portholes. Opposite the chart table is the shower and toilet
cubicle with a charming shower tray inset with smooth grey pebbles originating from the Lizard Peninsular in Cornwall.
There is also a sink set into elm, next to the shower. Next is a Oak bulkhead that mirrors the starboard side, and has a
sculpted hand hold in a curved walnut post, then a large single berth with shelving.

The heart of the cabin, at least in the winter, is the wonderful Morso solid fuel stove. Made in Denmark where they
know a thing or two about the cold. It can burn wood or coal, and has a back boiler connected to the hot water system
and radiators. Aft of the captain's cabin is further storage and a second holding tank. To allow air and light into the
cabin, there is a large horizontally mounted opening, mahogany skylight.
Gus and Fliss bought Helenita in 1989 from Fletcher's Boat Yard in Bosham. Since then, they have continued to improve
her, in between adventures that have seen them as high as 1000 feet above sea level in the French Canals, and enjoying the
summer sun in the Mediterranean. Today, Helenita is moored in Soller, on the North Coast of Mallorca. Her current
owners have lived the dream for over 15 years, and now believe that the time has come to let someone else have some
fun. Thanks to the impressive work carried out on Helenita over the years, there's not much left to do except enjoy her.

The owners are asking a very reasonable
£60,000 (UKP) for Helenita. However Gus and Fliss are not in anyway
closed-minded people, and will happily entertain offers in any shape or form if it will help Helenita to find the right new
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