Preparing the forks
Hoopy wooden bicycle
The Hoopy can easily carry a passenger on the long seat and possibly even another on the cross bar. Try doing that on a conventional bike! The plans show how to fit a single speed rear wheel or the superb 2 speed SRAM Automatix hub. The concise plans contain almost 30,000 words and well over 200 images taken during the actual build of a Hoopy.

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Hoopy Wooden Bicycle
Many of the bicycle parts used to make a Hoopy can be obtained from a salvaged bicycle. The forks come from any 26" wheel bicycle so are extremely common and easy to find. The exception to this is the crank assembly where it is necessary to buy a few new parts which will cost about 120 Euros. Even so with care and by using salvaged and secondhand parts it should be possible to build a basic Hoopy for about 300 Euros. There is nothing particularly difficult about building a Hoopy but it is a bicycle and even a simple bicycle has many parts. It just takes a bit of time
Head set pieces
The Hoopy is a lightweight wooden bicycle you can build yourself. It's very comfortable and nice to ride with a surprising turn of speed. Its low frame makes it very easy to get on and off and the strong yet light box section plywood frame allows for an internal drive system, so no more greasy clothes. No mudguards are needed and the frame can be used for storing tools, spares or shopping. The Hoopy would be ideal for conversion to electric with the batteries and motor easily housed in the frame. The design is highly adaptable and allows for much personalisation.

The step by step illustrated instructions walk you through the entire process from selecting wood to how to use epoxy glue. They include a lot of further information on all aspects of the build, from the materials you need and how to find and modify them. The box section frame may look complicated to make but it is surprisingly simple. The frame can be marked up, cut and glued ready for varnish in just two days. Pretty much the only tools needed to make the frame are a drill and a jigsaw. The finished frame weighs from just three kilos and yet is very strong. It is bonded using epoxy glue and there is not one fastener in it.
The Hoopy is made from 10 mm plywood but the plans automatically adapt if you use the Imperial equivilent of 3/8". The simple building jig ensures that the frame remains aligned throughout the build. Two pieces of plywood 120 x 60 cm are needed and there is little waste as the remainder of the frame pieces are made from off-cuts. The photo on the left shows the pieces that make up the head set assembly.
Marking out a frame side
Hoopy Wooden Bicycle
Hoopy 3 kilo frame
The Hoopy is a one size fits all bicycle suiting most adults of all sizes. However if you wished a more tailored frame then there is the posibility to either raise or lower the frame during the build and full instructions are supplied showing how to find the ideal height and how to modify the design accordingly. The Hoopy is an easy bicycle to personalise as well and the plans explain how to cut your own design in the frame sides and offers discussions and ways to modify your Hoopy to suit you.
What makes the Hoopy special?