Alex's Foal
michele's fliptail 9
Here's Luigi's Fliptail 9 with a very nice looking balanced lug rig. Boat looks great in black. He said: I got the set up time on the beach to about 20 Minutes, sail included. But I often had to double this because there was always somebody coming along wondering about that unusual boat and asking me questions :-) I was surprised about how much such a little vessel can touch something inside a lot of people, I really didn’t expect that. 
Fliptail 9 made by Michele: 
'First Launch, first sail, sailing happily in Greece. 
Great fun!'
Kristian sent in this pic from a recent camping adventure. He says: 'There is a spot here where one needs to kayak in, and we have gone the past two years with a group of maybe 10-12 people - and the fliptail I built has been 100% necessary! It is amazing how much it can hold (we fill it as much as we can, and I think with ropes we could easily add many dozens more pounds) - and then we tow it using kayaks out to the island to camp. :)

Alex made this highly modified Fliptail 7 named 'Foal' to match his classic yacht. Mods include: Double ended, rope lifting handles, modified sheer line and rounded floors and hoops to name but a few. You can read a much fuller description about this build here.
the drunken minnow
This Fliptail is called the 'Drunken Minnow' and was built by Wimperdink. You can read about his build here.
Mick built this very smart Fliptail for the power tool challenge at Beale Park Boat Show. It did very well and caused quite a sensation.

mick's fliptail beale park
close up power tool fliptail
Aloys built this funky orange Fliptail and has given it a great name too. Very distinctive.
Fliptail Yasushi
This lovely Fliptail 6 was made in Japan by Yasushi. You can see more of his quality work at his website Kane-Toku workshop
This fabulous Transparent Fliptail was beautifully made by Robert.
This unique Fliptail was built by Bernhard. He didn't want an outboard engine so he did away with the transom. The result; a very cool double ended Fliptail that folds even flatter than the original and looks fabulous. 
This Fliptail 9 is from Holland and was built by WJ. Here's what he has to say:

I just made my maiden voyage with my Fliptail and I am speechless with enjoyment. Spot perfect. Nice whisper engine on the back and pleasure for the whole family.

It's a blast, I am both proud and grateful. So stable, light yet sturdy...

So again, a million thanks for all your effort and countless hours of tweaking the design, Soo much appreciated. And a true head turner along the way

Safe travels!

A grateful customer.

Willem Jan
This rather splendid Fliptail 7 called Agathe was built in Norway by Vidar. As he was in Norway he used Spruce to make his dinghy. He has done a magnificent job and just look at those lightweight oars. Nice touch.

ingo spruce
Alan built this very smart Fliptail. He first launched it in his pool.
This is a Fliptail 7 built by Edward. Note the smart rubber fendering around the sides. 
Here's another view of Robert's Fliptail with old school Seagull outboard attached.
edward's fliptail 7
transparent Fliptail
finished boats