Waif has now been sold

Waif is a 1929 Hillyard 'Gentleman's' yacht built of oak with pitch pine planking. Her shipwright owner has improved her steadily over the last 20 years and Waif is now in a very fine structural condition. She has been completely rebuilt and refastened yet she retains almost all of her one piece pitch pine planks which even after over 80 years are still in excellent condition.

What makes Waif particularly special is her extraordinary internal volume. There are very few classic yachts of this length that can boast such an amazing living space. Her custom built interior is made from mostly recycled exotic timber and much of the original wood. The open plan interior is extremely well lit thanks to the double opening hatch on the foredeck, the opening skylight on the cabin and the double teak doors and sliding companionway hatch, not to mention 14 portholes! For chill winter nights, a Davey's cast iron wood stove adds an extra level of cosiness. Waif is one dry boat.

She is also a fine sailing boat, with such a long waterline Waif can really move. She is a cutter rig and flies classic cut cream sails. Her motor is a trusty BMC 40 hp which is powerful enough for all situations. Waif is afloat in the south of France and is completely up and running and ready to cruise and live aboard.

She's not perfect but then she is over 80 years old! There's always something to do on an old wooden boat and Waif is no exception but with the structure already sorted it's just a question of gradually improving what is already there to a higher level. The current owner never intended to sell Waif but now his family is growing and they have finally outgrown even Waif's spacious interior so she must go to someone else who can carry on using and enjoying her.

Waif is offered for sale at the ridiculously low price of £15,000 which, considering the quality and quantity of the work done over the years is extremely good value. To find another wooden boat of this age with such a sound structure at this price would be very hard. She is afloat near St Tropez, France and can be viewed anytime.

Waif has now been sold.

If you have any questions, want to see more pics or would like to view the boat, please contact Benjy at info@woodenwidget.com


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